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Porsche 991.1/.2 GT3 Iron Disc Front

Porsche 991.1/.2 GT3 Iron Disc Front


MX72 minimizes dust and brake noise while being semi-metallic, improving braking performance at low temperatures. It also increases braking stability at high temperatures and realizes a reduction in rotor aggressiveness. We also worked to polish the pedal touch, which is a strong point of semi-metallic materials.

Recommended for the following people
●Sports users who "Wish to use in various settings from Street to Highway, Circuit, and All-around"
●Those who drive vehicles which are heavy but which have low brake capacity such as minivans and SUVs.

●Proper rotor temperature/50~700℃ ・Average friction coefficient/0.37~0.47
●Materials/Semi-metallic(ceramic carbon metal)



ENDLESS developed new track day brake pads as "CCRg"
The new one have very flat torque curve with good heat resistance. 
And it can be much easier to a disc at low temp than the current CCRg. The new material has very good modulation and good pedal releasing. While the friction level is lower than the current CCRg. If you want to focus in circuit, CCRg can be suited for you.

Recommended for the following people
●Those who want a race brake pad which can also be used at low temperatures
●Those who value control during circuit driving

●Proper rotor temperature/50~800℃ ・Average friction coefficient/0.38~0.45
●Material/Semi-Metallic ・Driving fields/TRACK DAY



This is standard pads for sprint and medium distance race. It has high bite with good modulation. And many Lancer Gr.N car is running with this pads in rally event.

●Material : Semi-Metal
● Purpose : Rally & Race 〈Sprint-Midium〉
●Friction Ave. : 0.35 - 0.40



This was developed with special heat process. And then this has so high heat resistance and toughness under hard conditions. The good modulation is stabilised even at very high temp.

●Material : Semi-Metal
● Purpose : Rally & Race 〈Sprint-Midium〉
●Friction Ave. : 0.40 - 0.45



This has very high friction even at high temp. At the same time, this shows good initial responding and gives good modulation in spite of the friction level. The toughness is better than S58O.

●Material : Semi-Metal
●Purpose : Race 〈Sprint-Midium〉
●Friction Ave. : 0.55 - 0.65



This was developed for GT car with high friction. The friction level is lower than S33O, but the modulation is better. The quick responding gives us the good modulation with high friction.

●Material : Semi-Metal
●Purpose : Race 〈Sprint-Midium〉
●Friction Ave. : 0.45 - 0.60

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